Get on Board with ONETWOTRADE

Trade with OneTwo TradeBinary options trading is appealing to a growing numbers of traders, both seasoned and amateur. With a increasing volume of brokers out there, broker reviews have become more important than ever. Today we’re turning our attention to one of the current leaders in the market, OneTwoTrade.

Among the very first things you fully grasp whenever visiting OneTwoTrade is the overall quality of their website. The vital tools and data are in place, but possibly more notable are the support, guides, current marketplace insight. Those initial opinions would be correct. This isn’t some anonymous broker website. OneTwoTrade is based inside London, happens to be regulated by the LGA, and does allow traders to connect to account managers. In fact, traders are appointed their own account manager after the registration process has been completed.

Platform Components
OneTwoTrade provides for binary options trading on many of the most well-known assets. Should there be any particular underlying asset that you like to trade with, chances are that it is located within their asset index.
Once the registration process has been completed, it very little time to get started. All the available trades are binary, which means that you just select whether you believe the asset price is going to move up or down. You’ll also decide on how much money you’d like to invest, along with your desired expiry time period.

There are three page variations to select from. The primary binary options trading platform page provides a basic drop-down menu, or opt for almost immediate gratification using the available 60 second trades. Also offered is a Pro-trader page that contains more advanced functions but is just as easy to utilize and navigate. It is possible to see the historical price trend for each trade. This can help quite a bit with the task for techincal analysis.

The distinctive features built into Pro-trader distinguish and add much to the overall binary options experience. The Buy Out alternative makes it possible for traders to sell off their SmartOptions prior to the expiry time. This optional feature is quite useful when your options trade is starting to appear to be headed towards a loss and you wish to recover at least some of the investment sum, or if you’d like to exit promptly while the asset price is moving in your favor.

Roll Over is yet another optional, yet often helpful feature. This makes it possible for traders to increase the length of a trade by moving it to the next available expiry time period. This is an excellent feature to use when a binary options trade seems headed for loss, yet you feel that some extra time might allow it to finish in the money. Double Up is also available. This allows you to double the investment amount on a trade which seems destined to be profitable.

Payouts and Refunds
The payouts rates are excellent, varying between 70%-85% based upon the kind of trade selected and any additional tools used. Payout rates and any conditions are continually reported in advance prior to purchasing a contract so that you always understand where you stand and precisely what the prospective outcome of each binary options trade is. This information can obviously help to manage finances and financial risk.

OneTwoTrade Interface
The OneTwoTrade binary options trading platform is completely web-based and is also offered in the form of an iphone app which enables trading from virtually anywhere. A notable benefits to utilizing OneTwoTrade for trades is in fact their likable, user-friendly interface. The account web pages are easy to read, extremely easy to use, and work help you remain in complete control of your trades and funds. Charts display the status of your trading account, available trading balance, and up to five upcoming binary options trades, along with the details of each.

Customer Support and Tools
As previously mentioned, all who trade with OneTwoTrade are provided with a specialist account manager which is accessible via phone, email, live chat, or even in person. Market Insight takes much of the work out of the analysis process, which is obviously helpful. Related news and in-house marketplace analysis is kept up to date, tracking the fast changes within the markets. We especially appreciated the binary options videos. These get straight to the point, providing key information. Trader may also look at past updates, which may also be helpful in the analysis process.

OneTwoTrade Overall
In conclusion, we can clearly see why OneTwoTrade has come to be viewed as one of the market leaders. Their binary options platform is solid, the software is well-designed, and most notable, the assistance provided is superb. Having access to a dedicated account manager, current reports, and marketplace analysis makes it possible for you to truly plan out your strategies. For anyone really serious about trading binary options, we recommend taking a close look at OneTwoTrade.